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Best Scented Candle You Will Love

Seasons of the Forest, Scented Candle

In everyone's memory, what can be permanent and cannot be described is not what you see or hear, or even what you haven't gotten, but the smell. It is indeed difficult to retain the scent of your heart, but if it is to enjoy the happiness that scent brings to you at any time, no matter it is soothing, sweet, cool, pleasant, and warm, it can't be easier. Just a scented candle can satisfy you.

It is said that Louis XIV, who built the Palace of Versailles, was the first to propose the use of scented candles. Louis XIV, who dreamed of luxury, ordered the manufacture of scented candles to cover up the smell of the finished palace. This kind of scented candle burns not only a small emotional appeal but also can bring a beautiful aroma. It can be seen that scented candles have a history of nearly one hundred years in Europe and America, so what you light is not only a candle but also a history and a memory.

Lighting up a scented candle, it is great for helping people relax. Considering from physical and mental health, it has mainly three functions, covering home decoration, aromatherapy and romantic atmosphere.

Get to know some of the best scented candles you can buy online ahead in Poweraddmall. Each candle is endowed with some meanings, exclusive for every candles.

Extraordinary One - Seasons of the Forest 

Seasons of the Forest, Scented Candle

Extraordinary power is embodied in its appearance. Glancing at this candle, it is easy to find that its appearance is made of Organic Dried Flowers and Plants. The appearance is interspersed with high-quality 100% real transparent flowers with attractive leaves, endowed with forest natural scented candle.

The combination of dry flowers and plants makes the whole candle look full of vitality. When held in your hand, it feels like you are holding a small forest. 

 Because of its exquisite appearance, it is a good choice for decoration, and it is also an excellent gift for friends and relatives.

Another extraordinary reflects in the material of scented candle, which is made of high-quality natural soybean wax so that this stable flame and can burn continuously for about 45 hours. Because natural soybean wax is sensitive to temperature and humidity, sometimes the surface may not be smooth. This is a normal phenomenon, so don't worry about it. 

Imagine when you close your eyes and enjoy the peace and smell brought by this season of the forest, the world outside doesn't bother you. Life needs a little sense of ritual brought by aromatherapy to soothe the exhaustion of the day, fall in love with forest natural aroma candles, and enjoy simple happiness.

Artless One - Natural Smokeless Aroma Soy Candle

Natural smokeless aroma soy candle

Look at this design of candle, what will you think of? When you see this kind of candle, you will be immersed in the ancient Greek, indulging yourself in the Ancient Greek Civilization and mystery of Greek mythology.
If your house is a Nordic design style or your furniture's fundamental key is black and white, then our marble plaster cup scented candle will add a perfect finishing line to your house, showing your personal taste. Besides, our candle is made with 100% natural soy wax and no dyes, healthy essential oil and a cotton wick.

No smoke while burning. You can place the candle anywhere to your heart's content and let it burn up to 6 to 8 hours, or you can blow it off and save it for next time use.
This chic-look candle can also provide you with a wonderful and fresh fragrance. Isn't that terrific to smell something nice when you're doing yoga, having a date or enjoying a relaxing bath? Our natural scented candle has 2 scents: one is English pear & freesia, the other is Blackberry & laurel. Both smell sweet and refreshing, which will help your body and mind get completely relaxed.

Natural smokeless aroma soy candle

Suited For Gifts One - Plant Aromatherapy Candles

Plant Aromatherapy Bath&Body works Candles
Plant Aromatherapy Bath&Body works Candles

Candles is a good product to enhance life quality and the fragrance of this candle is full of a sense of happiness and identity. Everyday when you get home from work, lighting up a small candle with the warm light, it will emit a light fragrance so that you will relieve pressure after one-day work. It is high-value small gifts to have - scented candle. By receiving this candle, happiness will be welled up in your heart.

This candle with different scents has lighten up my heart, including flowery, fruity and tea aroma. The perfect collision of different flavors makes people feel calm and refreshing like a clear spring full of passion.

Plain One - Thank-you Bottle Scented Candles

Natural Soy Wax Scented Candles
Natural Soy Wax Scented Candles

Observed remotely, it is a ordinary grown glass bottles while it is a plain scented candle with a good package.
When you receive this kind of package, where would you put candles?

Everywhere you can imagine, you can put a candle.

In bathroom, lighting up a candle makes you feel warm and relaxing while bathing just like in the spa room. The dining room table is another popular way to use candles, normally placed in the center. Take your candles with you when you travel. Everything you use them for at home can also benefit you on the go. These candles are also perfect for adding an air of elegance to decorate your room, combined with dried flowers.

Who can say no to a quiet candlelight dinner or a few candles set about the bedroom for that perfect moment? 

Eternal One - Preserved Flower Scented Essential Oil Candle

Preserved Flower Scented Essential Oil Candle

Preserved Flower, known as "Flowers Never Dying", retain the qualities of flowers for at least 3 years. These flowers are the symbol of eternal love and perpetual love, representing something deep and spiritual to the people.

As gifts, it not only can be used as bridge of sweetness and blessings between lovers, but also often used as gifts to friends and relatives, symbolizing the eternal blessings and everlasting love.Imagine you receive this everlasting flowers candle for Valentine's Day, you will be absorbed in happiness. 

Artistical One - Frosted Glass Scented Candle

Frosted glass cup soy wax scented candle
Frosted glass cup soy wax scented candle

For this one, the most special one is its frosted glass. With good texture, just like touch a smooth skin. With silky glass, just like touch a gentle steam. With its frosted material, you will be full of gloomy keynote and dim beauty, being an artistic world around poems.

Lighting up a candle to enjoy the beauty of fragrance and ambience, touch the aromatherapy and release yourself.

Candle Spree

Candle, as a kind of home decoration, serve as the calayst of happiness.

  • Enjoy the Beauty of Fragrance and Ambience
  • Touch Aromatherapy
  • Best Home Decoration
  • Relieve Your Pressure

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  • LouiseMar 26, 2021

    I’m interested in the ones in the bottle. Plant aromatherapy candles.

  • Etta HenderhanMar 26, 2021

    I love the candles. I always find candles so relaxing especially when you’re have having a bad day and need to melt the stress away with a nice hot bubble bath by lavender or vanilla candle light and a good book

  • Joni CarawayMar 25, 2021

    I love the Seasons of the Forest candle set

  • Elizabeth Salazar Mar 25, 2021

    I always have candles burning in my home to create a soothing and pleasantly smelling atmosphere. All of these candles look like they will smell amazing. I want to try them all. And of course I want the soaps too!

  • Kim AyersMar 24, 2021

    I bet those smell great. #poweradd

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