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Best Wireless iPhone Earbuds of 2020  

- Macaron Sweeten Your Life

Best Wireless iPhone Earbuds of Coming Christmas in 2020

Wireless Earbuds have become a must for most people all around the world. Compared with traditional headphones or wired headsets, there is no greater convenience today than having a pair of completely wireless iPhone Earbuds that just work seamlessly with our gadgets.
Unfortunately, the market is flooded with thousands of brands and bluetooth earphones, which makes it a formidable task to choose the most favored. In this article, the best wireless iPhone Earbuds of 2020 will be chosen, which will guarantee your demands about sound quality, convenience and provide something special.

  From the current data, the suitable earbuds are judged from the following aspects:

  • Waterproof and Sweatproof
  • Battery Life
  • Sound Quality

Compared with other earbuds, Macaron Multicolor Bluetooth Headset has some typical characteristics and other distinguishing features that will be introduced one by one.

Typical Characteristics 

Withstand Water and Sweat

It belongs to IPX5, which means this earphone can resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray. As an amateur runner, actually runners don’t need to worry about the dust-proof characteristics while water and sweat resistance matters.
According to the IP rating, Macaroon Multicolor Bluetooth Headset for iPhone are hands down the top choice for best waterproof headphones.

Withstand Water and Sweat

3-4.5 hours Battery Life

So far, wireless products on the market are marked by common failings that lack full battery life. Compared with other wireless earbuds, it has a longer battery life that can keep ultra-long standby time. On the weekdays, with Macaroon you can listen to music with this headset for the whole day while the other headset only for half. And when it charges once, it can be used three or four times. Long battery life has provided magical using experience for you.

7-8 hours Battery Life

Positioning System

With Positioning System, it is easy to find your lost earbuds close to you.
And how to find your lost earbuds in your iPhone?

  • Open the "Find iPhone" app, you can see that iPhone will display the approximate range of earbuds from you. 
  • Click the icon to enter the map location, then a notice of "Play Sound" will appear. Just click your headset, a beep will be emitted. If one of your earphones falls in a corner of the house, it will be easy to find.
Wireless iPhone Earbuds

Cost-effective Price $ 29.99

Is it enough?
The comparison of top 20 Wireless Earbuds in Amazon is revealed.

Tozo$ 39.99-$ 49.99
Mpow$ 34.98
AUKEY$ 29.99- $ 49.99
Monster$ 79.96
Boltune$ 59.99
PoweraddMall$ 29.99

Distinguishing Features

Custom Earbuds Name

Sometimes, when you walk whether on the road or on the subway, with the bustling crowd in front of you, you can see large quantities of people wear the same earbuds name.

How can we look distinctive?
Custom Earbuds Name and become the focus of people

Macaron Multicolor

What are the first thing that comes to your minds when thinking of Macaron?
Sweet, mellow and dream.

Actually it is a kind of European sandwich biscuit with fruit jam and cream. Gradually, it has become a honeyed color symbol of love and blushful maiden based on purity and pleasure.

With Macaron Earbuds, you are the only protagonist in your life wherever you are.
With Macaron Earbuds, you are as radiant as a star.

Yellow Cream

Yellow is a color of gold and sun, which carries brilliance and hope. It symbolizes the light of wisdom illuminating the darkness. With Yellow Cream, closing your eyes, you will be exposed to a large field of rice and what brings to you is hope and harvest. With Yellow Cream, closing your eyes, you will remind of cream cheese-laced on a birthday cake in your childhood.The taste of cream is like mango pineapple, which is the source of happiness and sweetness with lightening my whole lifetime.

Wireless iPhone Earbuds

Moon Blue

Wireless iPhone Earbuds

Moon Blue is the synonym of calmness and gentleness, which is similar to blueberry flavor gummy bear. Touching Everything in the world with Moon Blue, you will have more patience to enjoy it. Moon Blue is full of quiet and poetic power, which feels like in the underwater world with infinite beauty. Combined with wonderful scenery and Moon Blues, it has become mysterious. It must be the best gift for the one you love.

Spearmint Green

A representative of youthful vigor. It is pure and flawless which will give a refreshing feeling. This color is simply the best choice for a boring life, which represents the infinite fantasy and a hint of elegance. Love belonging to youth is always as vigorous as spearmint. It is also like mint soda in summer time. The soda bubbles in Ramune is unforgettable. Come to get a spearmint earbuds to "drink" a bottle of summer Ramune.

Wireless iPhone Earbuds

Flamingo Pink

Wireless iPhone Earbuds

Flamingo pink is both like cherry blossoms and peach blossoms. In short, it is pink and tender. Even if you are grim or aloof, you can also be touched by Flamingo. Surrounded by Flamingo, you will be quickly immersed in the mysterious and romantic atmosphere. As the best gift to express love to beloved one, it is worthy to have it. Imagine how surprised after your beloved one receiving such delicate earbuds. 

It is popular among thousands of brands for tiny appearance and exquisite packaging. Macaron Colors are healing and they has became a source of inspiration for many creations.

What is your favorite color? Choose one and feel the beauty of Macaron.

Suited to Gifting

Best gifts should be considered from the following aspects: thought, unique, surprise, use, meaning. For you, Macaron earbuds are the best gift. With unique color, it has become an essential element of rarity that makes a gift more valuable and this gift recipient will be surprised. Certainly, the best gifts are relevant to meaningful occasions. Macaron color is connected with love, thus it is the best gift for lovers that this bluetooth earbuds can express love to someone important to you. After receiving the gifts, you will remind deeper feelings combined with affections and move.

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Any customers who purchase Macaron Earbuds in Pre-sale Period will get a Christmas Gift in advance - Exclusive Earbuds Case, which will be shipped in Christmas.

Feel a bit boring in 2020 ?
Sweeten your life with Macaron Pleasure of vision is too short for you.
Why not follow the steps of Poweradd to sweeten and lighten your life with Macaron Bluetooth Earbuds? 

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