PoweraddMall - Oct 30 2020

Let's Celebrate Halloween Together

- Make this Halloween Spooktacular!

Celebrate Halloween

What special day is today?
It is the specific day of whole year when the ghosts, evils, and all sorts of other scary characters arrive on your doorstep to join the carnival day. It's Halloween!
And how will you celebrate Halloween?
Traditionally its celebrations include trick-or-treating, outdoor and indoor decoration, pumpkin carving and scary stories or films.

Now just follow me and celebrate Halloween with us.

1. Halloween Decoration Ideas

When you think of Halloween, how to make an easy Halloween costumes and funny decorations may be the first things that come to your mind. 
Here, we have selected some creative sharing in our group to celebrate this carnival night with you.

  • Idea 1: Front Door Decorations
Halloween Decorations

Idea from: Norma Wilson

Halloween Decorations

Idea from: Jenn Danley

  • Idea 2: Indoor Decorations

Idea from: Bel Wiskow

Halloween Decorations

Idea from: Darlene Watson

  • Idea 3: Outdoor Decorations

Home theater is prepared inside and what is the necessity outside?
Decorations can be used in your courtyard. 
The first necessity is Solar Garden Path Yard Decor String Light.

Halloween Decorations
Halloween Decorations

Blue, green and purple spot lights add the perfect spooky atmosphere for your front yard Halloween cemetery or yard haunt. About red and yellow, it can be a spotlight among several lights since they contrast well with the blue and green. It seemed that you have been in the cemetery and graveyard.

With a chilling mixture of yellow lights and other decoration you have used, this decorative string light has added the different atmosphere.

2. Enjoy Home Theater

What's the second thing that comes to your mind to enjoy this Halloween horror nights with family?
Watch a scary movie at home, of course!

It's better to gather together and enjoy scary movies. Showcasing a sinister image of the terrible evil like Lord Voldemort and scary movie clips, all who so much as stay your home are bound to get shakes and shivers before they even approach your home. What a terrifying touch it is!

It can serve as a decoration of your wall. Imagine a ghost are climbing out of the curtain, a scary evil with pale face, ghastly expression and a pair of eyeballs that were about to fall out of orbit approaches you closer and closer. There is no doubt that the occurrence of Projector and Screen has become an indispensable part of Halloween.

Open 1080p HD Mini Portable LED Projector and hung 120" 16:9 HD Projector Screen, a brilliant Halloween is enough.

7-8 hours Battery Life

3. Entertainment

In these busy times difficult to gather, many families are turning to the soothing repetition of jigsaw puzzles to bond and to calm the nerves. Puzzle sales worldwide, including in the U.S., have exploded. In Halloween, with expectation of horrible decorations, it is beneficial to enhance the rally power of the family. 

1000 Pieces Jigsaw Puzzles
1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

What other roles do jigsaw puzzles will serve as? It is a great meditation tool and stress reliever. Focusing on one thing for a long period of time, the stress of everyday life will be replaced by a sense of peace and clam, which will benefits your health. 

Want to find more frights and delights? Do not worry. 
On this carnival night, we also prepared four big Halloween surprises for you.

Surprise 1 - Halloween Live Streaming

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Celebrate Halloween

Surprise 2 - Free Stuff

Celebrate Halloween

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Celebrate Halloween

Surprise 4 - Pre-sale

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