Ankle Support Bracket


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Ankle Support Brace Compression Tendon Strap Elastic Bandage Sport Foot Wrap US

⚡Ankle Support Bracket⚡

【High Quality】

Made of elastic and breathable material, this ankle support feels lightweight, comfortable, and wicks moisture.

【Prevent Sprain】

 Stretch your feet comfortably under the protection of the ankle support. , Professional straps can increase the pressure on the ankle and prevent sprains.

【Quickly Wick Away Sweat】

It can quickly drain sweat, keep the skin dry, and get rid of the discomfort caused by sweat.

【Apply To】

It is suitable for people who recover their ankles after injury or people who like to ride bicycles, climb mountains, run, fitness, play ball, etc.

【How to Use】

1. Fix the ankle buckle to the ankle.
2. Wrap the body part around the ankle.
3. Tighten the ankle support, and then fix the middle buckle to the foot.
4. Tighten the locks on both sides as needed.
5. After tightening, install the buckle to adjust the tightness.


Colour: Black
Size: Universal (37-44 size)
Material: fabric composite SBR neoprene
Optional side: left or right (if you want a pair, please choose left foot and right foot before buying)

【Package Included】

1 *ankle support bracket