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Clean tap water encourages your pet to drink, which plays an important role in long-term health, especially for cat owners. Flowing water is more likely to get their attention and actively drink.


Cat Fountain LED Pet Water Fountain Ultra Quiet Automatic Pet Water Dispenser, Adjustable Water Flow and Activated Carbon Filter for Dogs, Cats, Birds, and Small Animals

💧Automatic filtering system

isYoung pet water fountain is an eye-catching device with a powerful filtered system. It has free-falling streams that attract the pet to drink more water and then keep a hygiene promotion. The water capacity is 51 oz, being suitable for small dogs and cats. It is BPA-Free that does no harm to your pet’s health and the top shelf is dishwasher applicable.

💧Useful Pet Water Fountain

The pet water fountain has a good filtering system. (Material of the filter: activated carbon, resin, filter cotton.) It can catch hairs and debris from pets, remove odor and impurities, keep the fresher water and tasting, and ensure health and hygiene promotion. Size Of the Fountain: 11.41x11.81x8.86 inches.

💧Adjustable Stream

The inner water valve is able to adjust the water flow for your pet according to various needs. The luminous LED light is a nice decoration and helps to locate the pet water dispenser at night.

💧Low Noise

Noise-canceling pet water fountain never affects the sleep of you and your pet. The easy-releasing components provide easy and quick disassembly and cleaning. (Please keep the water fountain normally running for 2hrs before the first use.)

💧Maintenance Of The Pump

It’s crucial to clean the pump every 2 weeks for the longevity of a pet water fountain. Steps of cleaning: 1. Take down the front cover; 2. Place your fingernail underneath the small lip and remove the base; 3. Take out the pump impeller and clean up all the parts carefully (soap and warm water recommended).

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