Wireless Bluetooth GPS Alarm


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Wireless Bluetooth Anti-lost Tracker Alarm GPS Children Pet Key Location Finder

 ⚡Wireless Bluetooth GPS Alarm⚡

【Unique Design】

Bluetooth 4.0 version, ultra-thin design, easy to carry, automatic alarm beyond the effective range, ringtone plus vibration alarm, a variety of tones can be adjusted, after disconnecting the anti-lost device, the phone can check the map location


Iphone 4s / 5,5s, 5c, ipad mini.ITouch5, ipad 3/4.

【Replaceable Battery】

Replaceable button battery. Bluetooth low energy technology, battery life up to eight months.


You can easily check the last position of the object on the mobile phone, a mobile phone supports up to 8 anti-lost device management.

【Bluetooth Function】

Connected with mobile phone Bluetooth, two-way search function, can connect 8 sets of anti-lost devices, in the connected state, when the anti-lost device exceeds the set Bluetooth range, the phone and the anti-lost device will send out an alarm at the same tim


Provide non-interference function, you can set mute for a certain period of time to prevent important time such as work interruption

【Anti-Lost Function】

Through the anti-lost device to control the mobile phone shooting function, remote Selfie, through the anti-lost device to control the phone recording function

【Apply to】

Support IOS system and ANDROID system 4.3 or higher (requires Bluetooth 4.0)


Product Name: Smart Anti-lost Device
Material: ABS
Model: HYC-04
Color: black/white (optional)
Battery capacity: 200mAH
Product size: 1.65*1.65*0.31inch

【Package Includes】

1 *Anti-lost device