2021 Live Streaming

PoweraddMall - April 25, 2021


Hey, dear fans! Watch our Live streaming, enjoy an awesome chance to get up closer with our newest products now.
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[Items shown only during the live streaming]

The arrangement of LIVES in current month is as follows, will be updated monthly.

2021 Live Streaming2021 Live Streaming


  • US only.
  • Winners will be selected at random in our live streaming.
  • Poweraddmall reserves the right of final explanation.

2021 Live Streaming-More Surprise


  • Carla Whitaker May 06, 2022

    Not sure how this works but looking forward to it

  • Tina Mar 01, 2022

    I have been with you all for some years this is the first time I seen live shows live watch and learn stuff about Your culture and your holidays thanks for sharing with us I hope you all have a great day see you at the live tonight if I can stay awake

  • Tina Mar 01, 2022

    I have been a mem

  • Carol CortezJan 03, 2022

    Awaiting the 2022 Calemdar for Libe Shows! Can’t wait to get the Year started with Poweradd!!

  • Amber Saunders KrauseNov 27, 2021

    Hello! I’m totally green when it comes to Facebook groups and joining live streams. I have NO idea how to do it? Forgive my ignorance pls! I have a Facebook account set up so I can share with family and friends and only recently decided to really explore and have fun. Would someone be able to help me out? How do I join and watch the upcoming live stream? I was trying to watch the one from today (11-26) but I was having issues and I kept getting booted offline. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!! This group has posted great things and seems really fun! I’m so thankful to be a member!

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