A Pair of Barbecue Gloves (2PCS)


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2PCS 932°F Extreme Heat Resistant Cooking Oven Gloves BBQ Hot Grilling Gloves

⚡Barbecue Gloves⚡

【Flexible and Durable】

The position between the thumb and the index finger is reinforced to be more durable, making the thumb more flexible, and very convenient when grasping heavy objects.

【Quality Materials】

Made of three materials, it can help you heat resistance while cooking. The outer flame-retardant cotton cloth can block most of the heat. The environmentally friendly silicone strip can provide you with good grip, slip resistance and prevent items from falling. The polyester-cotton inside can absorb sweat and breathe, and it can give you a very comfortable feel even after long-term use.

【Use and Cleaning】

Easy to use and easy to clean, all allow machine wash or hand wash. Excellent materials make the product long service life. Both sides have environmentally friendly silicone strips, so both sides can be worn without telling the head from the tail.


It is mainly used for cooking, but it can also be used for certain work requiring heat resistance, such as processing hot steel, glass and porcelain; metal stamping work; removing hot rubber and thermoplastics from molds. It can also be used under high or low temperature conditions.


It can prevent 932°F from lasting for about 10-15 seconds at most, but please do not contact this temperature for a long time. 


Color: black
Type: BBQ gloves
Size: normal size
Length: 13 inches
Material: silicone; flame-retardant cotton; polyester cotton

【Package Includes】

1 * a pair of barbecue gloves (2PCS)

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