Premium Natural Boar Hair Detail Brush Set


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5x Car Interior Detailing Brush Boar Hair Wheel Air Conditions Cleaning Tools

⚡Premium Natural Boar Hair Detail Brush Set⚡

Combined Size

We have prepared 5 sizes of brushes for you, these different sizes of brushes will meet all your needs. You can choose any length that meets your needs, and the length is long enough to facilitate the exploration and extend into the lug nut, narrow or narrow space.

High-Quality Materials

These brushes are made of wild boar hair. The tip of each bristle is naturally divided into two or more branches called flags. This makes the brushes softer and relatively scarce and expensive. Therefore, there is no doubt that these are the tools that every detailed person must have.

Durable Mane】

Our detail brushes are designed to meet the demanding needs of car maintenance enthusiasts and professionals.

【Good Work Effect】

The wooden handle is painted, so humidity will not crack the handle like wood. This car beauty brush kit is perfect for all purposes, from removing debris from seat gaps to dust vents or cleaning signs.

【Perfect Size for any Job】

The large 1.25-inch diameter spray head and 2-inch long bristles are perfect for everything from lug nuts to internal vents. The 8-inch long handle helps solve hard-to-reach spots.


Function: dust removal
Model: round head brush
Type: Car Beauty Brush Kit
Material: bristles, wood, plastic and metal wire

【package Includes】

1*Car beauty brush kit