Solder Sleeve Heat Shrink Butt Waterproof


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Total102PCS:20 PCS Red Connectors+6 PCS White Connectors+20PCS Blue Connectors+6PCS Yellow Connectors+48 PCS Black Shrink Tubes+1 Box.

50PCS Black Shrink Tubes: 3.2 / 1.6 (20mm long).
20PCS Blue Connectors: Dia 5.0mm, 1.5-2.5mm2 16-14AWG.
20PCS Red Connectors: Dia 3.0 mm, 0.5-1.0mm2 22-18AWG.
6PCS Yellow Connectors: Dia 6.0 mm, 4.0-6.0mm2 12-10AWG.
6PCS White Connectors: Dia 1.5 mm, 0.25-0.34mm2 26-24AWG.

Shrink ratio 2:1.
No wire damage due to low shrink temperature.
For best results we recommend the use a heat gun.
Best shrink temperatures: 125°C - 130°C / 257°F - 266°F.
Minimum recommended shrink temperature: 80°C / 176°F.
Minimum recommended solder melting temperature: 138°C / 280.4°F.

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