24-Hour Mechanical Outlet Timer


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1pcs 24 Hr Mechanical Grounded Outlet Timer Daily use 3 Prong Indoor Heavy Duty

⚡Mechanical Outlet Timer⚡

【No Loose Parts】

Unlike classic timers with removable pins, our timer features an easy to use, built-in pin dial that allows you to set your timer by pressing the toggle pins down for ON or keeping them up for OFF.


Automates fans, lamps, lights, sprinklers, seasonal/ Decorative/ holiday & Christmas lighting, illumination, heater, a/C, and other electronics to help reduce energy and save money.

【Versatile & Customizable】

Each pin represents 15 minutes for added customization. Settings automatically repeat every 24 hours. Set up to as many as 48 ON/OFF programs to automate your home appliances. The timer can also be used as an interval timer.

【Safe & Reliable】

Grounded 3-prong design to ensure safety use. Provide safety and security when you are out for vacation or business trip, by keeping your house lighted upon schedule

【Easy To Operate】

1.Ensure timer is disconnected from mains
2.Push one pin inward and in line with each time of day you want to stay on the outside of the dial. Each pin is 15mins of on time. A red light will be on when the timer is switched on.
3.Turn the timer dial clockwise until the black arrow pointer at top of the dial faces the current time. Then set the red timer mode switch on side of the timer to automatic mode(clock symbol).
4.Plug your appliance into the timer and then the timer into a power outlet.
5.The appliance can be manually turned on with a red timer mode switch to the "I"(up)position.


Type: Timer
Ratings: 125V-60Hz
Load: 125V-15A Resistive
125V-15A General Purpose
125V-15A 1/2Hp
125V-1250W tungsten
Materials: Fireproof PC Shell
Color: White

【Package Included】

1 x 24 Hour Plug-in Timer