Replacement Refrigerator Air Filter fits


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Material to achieve superior filtration

They do an excellent job of absorbing odor, about 28x more powerful than baking soda. They are able to freshen the air inside your refrigerator and offer you better-tasting food. Plus, it is very easy to install. And please replace the filter every 6 months.


For LG LT120F, LG ADQ73214404, ADQ73214402, ADQ73334008, Kenmore 469918.

Compatible with

For LG LFX31925ST, LFX31925SW, LFX31925SB, LFX25991ST, LFX31945ST, LFX329345ST, LFX33975ST, LFX29945ST, LFX31935ST, LMX31985ST, LMX30995ST, LFX31995ST, LSC22991ST, LFX29927ST, LFX29927SW, LFX29927SB, LFX28968ST.

Package Included: 3 x Replacement Refrigerator Air Filters