POWERADD™ 3 Smart USB Power Protector with 3AC Outlets


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5ft Heavy Duty Extension Cord 1250W/10A-Black

Charge for All

With 3 AC outlets and 3 USB charging ports, POWERADD USB Power Strip Surge Protector can power or charge 6 electronic devices at the same time. The AC outlets are designed for TVs, refrigerators, and other energy-hungry appliances while the USB ports are compatible with iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, Kindle, and other smartphones and tablets. You may just use the cable to charge your phone without an adapter. This cost-saving, sleek surge protector extends 1 AC outlet to 6 ports, which is ideal for home, office, dorms, stores, etc.


Outstanding Advantages

The innovative features of this power strip surge protector make it stand out from all the rest:

  1. The built-in smart USB ports auto-detect your devices and provide the fastest possible charging speed up to 5V/2.4A(total 3A).
  2. 5-feet heavy-duty extension cord is suitable for many occasions. There is no need to worry about if the cord is long enough for your applications.
  3. The soft light indicator makes you feel comfortable at night.
  4. 2 mountable holes in the back allow the outlet to hang on the wall, cabinet, etc.
  5. The unique fiber drawing technology made it fingerprint-resistant and scratch-resistant.


Safety & Protections

The UL-certified power strip with built-in circuit breaker and surge protector ensures the safety of your devices against over-voltage, overheat, overload, short circuit, energy spikes, power surges, etc. If the temperature exceeds the limit, the power strip will cut off the power supply automatically. The fire-resistant shell, highly conductive phosphorus copper and premium electronic components will deliver faster current and ultimate security without producing too much waste heat. 300 joules is enough to safeguard your devices from spikes, flames, power surges, etc. 750℃ fire-retardant shell will self-extinguish once the source of ignition is removed in 3 seconds.



Max Power: 1250W

Rated Voltage: 125V

Rated Current: 10A

Surge Energy Capacity: 300J

USB Output: each port 5V 2.4A max.(total 5V 3A)

Cord Length: 5 feet



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