6 Pcs 3D Cute Cartoon Car door bumper sticker


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Peach's ass pokes, pinch, and rub, it's a magical feeling! It is a substitute for a fingertip spinning gyroscope. Charming and helps relieve stress by touching the soft peach butt, he is suitable for use everywhere.

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3D Cute Cartoon Car Door Bumper Sticker Car Locker Waterproof Sticker Cute and Funny Peach Compression Soft Butt Sticker Body Sticker 6 pcs(Crayon, Puppy, Tinker Bell Cat)


Decals stick to almost all flat surfaces! just peel and stick! Camper Van, Truck, Motor Home, Walls, Boat, refrigerator just about any flat smooth clean surface!

🍑Personalized funny creative PP stickers

It makes you feel happy every day and makes you live a full and happy life every day. personalized decoration, decompression, and fun feel very biu, can also be given to friends and family.

🍑Application Tips

1. Do not apply to extreme cold or hot Surfaces. The ideal temperature must be between 60°F & 90°F.
2.Do not touch the adhesive backing, oils from your skin will prevent sticking.
3.Before applying decal make sure there is no wax or oily products on the surface
Relieve Built-Up Stress
These cute anti-stress balls let you squeeze, pull and squish them in your hands to help reduce stress, increase calm reduce tension, and focus issues.

🍑Cleaning Care

Peach butt tends to get dirty. You can wipe the stain with a cotton swab dipped in moisturizing milk or alcohol. If you find it too sticky, you can sprinkle some baby powder or mineral powder on the peach butt.

🍑Product Specifications

Specifications: Crayons A pair / Tinker Bell pair/puppy pair
Name: car anti-bump butt silicone pad
Material: high-quality silicone + stickers
Quantity: 3 pairs (a total of 6)
Function: anti-scratch, anti-bump
Features: protect the car paint from harm; super adhesive, waterproof design; high elasticity, prevent friction; applicable to the rearview mirror, car door, bumper, refrigerator, toilet

🍑Package contains

2*Tinker Bell Cat

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