EBL 800mAh 3V Lithium CR2 Battery, 4PCS


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Voltage: 3V
Capacity: 800mAh
Normal Weight: 11g
Dimension: Φ15.0×27.0(mm)
Self-discharge Rate: < 5% Per Year
Operating Temperature: -40 ~ 60℃

More Than 10 years’ Lifespan

These CR2 batteries have low self-discharge. They have a long-lasting battery lifespan of 10 years and after years of non-use, they still maintain 75% capacity. They are suitable for a range of devices such as digital cameras, flashlights, game controllers, toys, clocks, and light meters.

Ultra-High Battery Density

The ultra-high battery density allows these CR2 batteries to own 3-5X longer life than other alkaline batteries for electronics like handheld GPS, digital cameras, and more.

Portable Battery Case

The CR2 batteries are perfect for travel, hiking, camping, being stored in the portable case. They are perfect for power tools, game controllers, and electronic devices. It’s 33% lighter-weight than other standard alkaline batteries and extremely easy to carry around in the bag.

Explosion-proof Protection

There is seal cover, heat cooling hole as well as PTC current discharge protection on each of the CR2 batteries, which is to avoid explosion hazards that may be caused by high temperature.

Kindly Reminder

These are Non-Rechargeable CR2 batteries, please don’t attempt to recharge them. They are different with CR123A batteries and CANNOT be used interchangeably with them.

Package List
4x CR2 batteries
1x Battery Storage Case