EBL CR123 3V Lithium Batteries, 4 Counts


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These CR123A batteries come with a storage case for easy transportation. And the weight of this battery is 33% lighter than a standard alkaline battery. Therefore, they will be great for travel, camping, hiking, and perfect use in high-drain game controllers, power tools, and hand-held electronics.


These CR123A batteries are great for flashlights, digital cameras, photo equipment, light meters, toys, clocks, etc.


These CR123A batteries are made of ultra-high energy density and will last 3-5 times longer than alkaline batteries. And they have a good feature of long battery life span: up to 10 years with low self-discharge. Plus, thanks to the special seal cover, PTC current discharge protection, and heat dissipation hole, these batteries are able to avoid explosions that are caused by high temperatures.


Equivalent to: 123, 123A, CR123, CR123A, DL123A, VL123A, CR123R, EL123AP, K123LA, L123A, PL123, BR2/3A, CR17335, CR17345



Product Name: CR123A Batteries

Brand: EBL

Battery Size: CR123A

Type: Lithium

Voltage: 3V

Rechargeable: No

Dimension: 34.5 mm x 17 mm (H x D)

Quantity: 4Pcs