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Long Ring Bell Alarm Loud 60-Minute Kitchen Cooking Wind Up Timer Mechanical


【High Quality】

The kitchen timer is made of 304 stainless steel. The Stainless steel exterior and saucer-shaped design make the timer very aesthetically pleasing, water-proof, and corrosion-resistant.

【Strong Magnetic Back】

For added convenience, this timer can be placed on any metal surface such as Fridge, Refrigerator and microwave Owen, etc. Best for moms, children, parents, teachers, office staff, professionals, and students.

【Loud Bell Sound】

The Mechanical timer has an inbuilt alarm, it doesn’t need any batteries which makes it energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. The alarm is quite a loader; can be easily heard within a radius of about 10m under low noise conditions which means that you'll never miss it even if you're in another room.

【Time Management】

Use this cute timer to stay focused on your tasks and activities. Compare to other manual timers this timer is designed to provide you with the most accurate, precise, and error-free timing. Ideal for cooking, baking, reading, homework, jogging, assignments, special needs, and much more.


Material: Stainless steel
Color: Silver black
Timing range: 1-60 minutes
Working temperature: -10℃~+55℃
Operating direction: clockwise
Operating torque: ≤0.45N.m
Operating angle: 360 degree
Ringing time: 3-5 seconds


1 × Kitchen Cooking Wind Up Timer

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