Adjustable Posture Corrector


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Posture Corrector Smart Vibration Reminder Adjustable Back Brace Support NEW

                ⚡Adjustable Posture Corrector

【Improve Posture】

Based on ergonomic design, our male and female posture support can help you straighten your back, strengthen your shoulders, neck and back, create a good posture, and relieve pain and laziness in the neck, shoulders, upper back and dressing area.

【Smart Posture Reminder】

When the user's back is bent more than 25 degrees, the back reminder will automatically sense and immediately activate the vibration alarm; the sensor will immediately vibrate to remind you that your shoulder is bent forward and has abnormal tension. Vibration reminder, scientific correction, open shoulders and straight back, our orthosis can flexibly protect and help children grow.

【Comfortable and Convenient】

Our posture corrector uses lightweight, soft, loose and breathable materials to keep the skin comfortable. The innovative design is ergonomic and fits the body curve. The shoulder strap is easy to adjust, stable and will not loosen. The waistband is made of high-elastic nylon waistband, which is more elastic and more comfortable, suitable for people from 15kg to 95kg. The switch on the back is very convenient, you can open it yourself.

【Scientific and EffectiveCorrection Method】

After several tests on the rear straightener, we recommend that users wear the posture corrector for 2 hours a day. The habit formation period is 21 days, the posture will be significantly improved, and the habit stabilization period is 90 days. The calibration process is not easy, it will take effect only if you continue

【Long Standby Time】

Our back corrector uses a 350mAh polymer lithium battery, which can be used for about 15 days after charging for 2 hours. It can be easily charged by connecting a USB cable. There is an indicator light on the switch, red constant light means normal charging, blue constant light means full charge/normal working. If you can’t turn on the reminder, please charge for 10 minutes first

【Instructions For Use】

Press and hold the switch for 2 seconds to turn on the power, adjust the posture and double-click to confirm the current posture, which is sensed and vibrated by mistake


color: gray
Battery capacity: 350mah for lithium electronic products
Charging voltage: 5V
Charging time: 40 minutes
Cord length :6.3inch
The red indicator light is on during charging and the blue indicator light is on during work

【Package Includes】

1*Data cable