Macaron Multicolor Bluetooth Earbuds for iPhone & Android


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Bluetooth Earbuds for phone-suitable for iPhone 12/11/X/XS/XS Max/XR/8 Plus/7 Plus/7

 ⚡Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

【what are the best wireless earbuds 】

Everyone has different views by "best". when choosing the best wireless earbuds, you maybe consider many factors, such as budget, sound quality, comfort, look, battery life, and so on, this will become the considered things when you choose the best wireless earbuds. Please see the below information on Poweraddmall earbuds.

【Positioning System and renaming supported】

You create your unique Bluetooth headphone. You - define your own earbud.

【High Compatibility】

Powerful Bluetooth 5.0 chip that perfectly matches tablets, laptops, iOS, and Android smartphones!


IPX5 waterproof good choice for fitness and outdoor enthusiasts

【Call Siri】

Easy to call Siri by pressing both earbuds for 2 seconds.

【High capacity lithium-ion battery】

120 hours of standby time.

【Comfortable Fit】

Select from a range of ear tips in multiple sizes.

【Bluetooth 5-An ultra】

stable connection for skip-free streaming.

【Charming Colors To Choose】

Cream Yellow Yellow is a color of gold and sun, which carries brilliance and hope. It symbolizes the light of wisdom illuminating the darkness. With Yellow Cream, closing your eyes, you will be exposed to a large field of rice and what brings to you is hope and harvest. With Yellow Cream, closing your eyes, you will remind of cream cheese-laced on a birthday cake in your childhood. The taste of cream is like mango pineapple, which is the source of happiness and sweetness with lightening my whole lifetime.

Moon Blue Moon Blue is the synonym of calmness and gentleness, which is similar to the blueberry flavor gummy bear. Touching Everything in the world with Moon Blue, you will have more patience to enjoy it. Moon Blue is full of quiet and poetic power, which feels like in the underwater world with infinite beauty. Combined with wonderful scenery and Moon Blues, it has become mysterious. It must be the best gift for the one you love.

Spearmint Green A representative of youthful vigor. It is pure and flawless which will give a refreshing feeling. This color is simply the best choice for a boring life, which represents infinite fantasy and a hint of elegance. Love belonging to youth is always as vigorous as spearmint. It is also like mint soda in the summertime. The soda bubbles in Ramune is unforgettable. Come to get spearmint earbuds to “drink” a bottle of summer Ramune.

Flamingo Pink Flamingo is both like cherry blossoms and peach blossoms. In short, it is pink and tender. Even if you are grim or aloof, you can also be touched by Flamingo. Surrounded by Flamingo, you will be quickly immersed in a mysterious and romantic atmosphere. As the best gift to express love to a beloved one, it is worthy to have it. Imagine how surprised after your beloved one receiving such delicate earbuds.

【 What You Get】

2 × Wireless Earphone
2 × Ear Tips
1 × Charging Box
1 × Charging Cable
1 × User Manual

 【 Strengths 】

Colorful macaron
⚡Strong wireless performance
⚡Weighty, full-bodied sound
⚡Lightweight and comfortable
⚡Nice to use

【Specification 】

Product name: Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
Color: Yellow cream, Moon Blue, Spearmint, Flamingo
Bluetooth Version: 5.0 EDR
Headphone capacity: 35mAh
Charging bin capacity: 250mAh (with protection board)
Speaker: high-quality brass ring speaker
Bluetooth distance: 10 meters
Binaural call: 3h
Listening time: 3h
Standby time: 120 hours
Charging time: 50 minutes
Working temperature: -10-50℃

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