Poweradd 1.5V Non-Rechargeable Alkaline AA AAA Battery


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POWERADD AA&AAA Alkaline Batteries, Long-Lasting Alkaline Batteries with 10-Year Shelf Life, Perfect for Daily Life

AAA Battery Specifications (LR03 1.5V AAA Alkaline Batteries)

AA Battery Specifications ( LR6 1.5V AA Alkaline Batteries)

🔋【Wide Application】Compatible with a variety of daily devices, such as toys, alarm clocks, smart door locks, wireless mouse, remote controls, flashlights, forehead thermometer, and digital camera.

🔋【Leak-Proof】 Double-shielded leak-proof technology is adopted to effectively prevent the battery from short circuit and leakage, making it safer to use.

🔋【High Durability】Poweradd alkaline batteries have 50% longer battery life than those common ones on the market, reducing the amount of effort required to replace the batteries.

🔋【Safe & Eco-friendly】Batteries are free of toxic metals (such as mercury, cadmium and lead), safe for home use and are environmental-friendly. Energy could be effectively reserved for up to 10 years without losing.

Product Specification
 Size: AAA / AA
 Model: LR03 /  LR6
 Chemistry: Alkaline
 Capacity: AA 2700mAh / AAA 1200mAh 
 Voltage: 1.5V
 Shelf Life: 10 years
 Mercury, Cadmium: No
 Best for: remote control, camera flashlight, wireless mouse, radio and more

Package Include: (As your choice)
4x AA Alkaline 2700mAh Batteries
36x AA Alkaline 2700mAh Batteries
100x AA Alkaline 2700mAh Batteries
8x AAA Alkaline 1200mAh Batteries
36x AAA Alkaline 1200mAh Batteries