15pcs Artist Paint Brushes Set


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15pcs Artist Paint Brushes Set Acrylic Oil Watercolour Painting Craft Art + Bag,Nylon Hair Brushes,

⚡Paint Brushes Set⚡

【High-Quality Craftsmanship】

No loose hairs or paint flaking off of these brushes, the paintbrushes are handmade with care, using the finest material to ensure that no bristles are left behind to spoil your work.

【15 sizes art brushes】

This paintbrush set includes 15 paint brushes, they are liner, flat, angular, filbert, round, fan, and comb. Comfortable handles for any temperament, speed, skill or style.

【All-purposed Brushes Sets】

This brush set can be used for oil paints, acrylics, watercolors, gouaches. Comes with one sponge and a palette knife as free accessories for better painting work.

【Easy Maintenance】

After using the brushes, it’s very convenient to clean them with warm soapy water and reshape the brush tips. Air-dry the brushes and store them in the carrying container in a tip-top position for long time of use.

【Portable Storage Bag】

More than just a convenient storage bag, the carry case can be used as a pop-up stand that lets you easily swap out brushes while you work.

【Widely suitable】

Suitable experienced artist or even student beginners, kids, adults, and any hobbyist.

【 What You Get】

15 x Artist Paint Brushes
1 x Yellow Sponge
1 x Palette knife
1 x Black Storage Bag


⚡ 15-piece set
⚡ Contains a variety of brushes
⚡ Comes in a protective bag
⚡ Easy-to-clean
⚡Very well priced


Product Name: Paint Brushes Set
Specifications: brush set + sponge cake + plastic scraper
Brush color: black bar
Material: high-quality birch wood + copper color aluminum tube + flexible nylon wool
Packing size: 11"x5.5"x1.57"
Application: gouache/watercolor/acrylic/oil painting
Features: Fine craftsmanship, with casing protection to avoid damage during transportation;