Avocado Message Board+Dry Erase Markers


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Avocado Message Board+Dry Erase Markers, Fruit erasable Refridgerator Magnets, Fine Tip Whiteboard Markers with Eraser Cap

                                      ⚡ Dry Erase Markers ⚡

Safe to Use: Dry Erase Markers certified non-toxic ink and Special low odor formula.

Bold and Consistent: vivid color highly visible even in long-distance, perfect for settings like class lectures and office meetings.

Perfect Writing Pal: quick-drying and streak-free, no broken ink marks and no ink leakage. Water-based ink is simple to wipe off using a cloth. Smear-proof leaves no ghost on the surface.

This dry erase marker rolls fluently on most smooth surfaces including whiteboards (not for blackboards/chalkboards), mirrors, glass, paper cards, ceramic tiles, etc.

Perfect match with the dry erases calendar and whiteboard sticker.                                

                               ⚡ Avocado Message Board ⚡ 

Multiple independent small magnets can be freely combined for easy sorting.

Practical and decorative coexist, small size is decorative accessories, the random combination makes the refrigerator not monotonous, large avocado is a message board, you can leave a message or graffiti freely.

High-quality material selection, layer-by-layer checks, smooth handwriting film, smooth writing, repeated insertion and writing 300,000.

High-definition printing, clear pattern and bright colors.

Environmentally friendly ferromagnetic, adsorbed iron surface.

Product specification

Name: Dry Erase Markers
Color: black, dark blue, red, green
Material: plastic
Quantity: a set / 4 sets
Product size: 4.4*0.5 inch / 11.3*1.31CM
Weight: 5g

Name: Avocado Message Board
Material: soft magnet + copper plate paper
Product size: 11*14.2 inches / 28*36CM

Package includes

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