Newborn Baby Infant Pillow Memory Foam


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Newborn Baby Infant Pillow Memory Foam Positioner Prevent Flat Head Anti Roll

 ⚡Baby Pillow⚡

【Organic cotton fabric】

Baby head support, pillow for flat head syndrome prevention for Newborn infants, 3D memory foam for head and neck support pillow, 100% organic cotton fabric bonded with sponge and it reinforces a sense of durability and cushioning.

【Prevent flat head syndrom】

Plagiocephaly Pillow the concave center in the middle is great for keeping your Newborn with a round head can be uniformly dispersed the pressure of the baby's head, Protect the baby's neck and shape a perfect head form.

【Keep baby in a comfortable position】

The shape of the pillow offers a perfect alignment of the baby's head and spine providing advanced neck protection and ensuring the comfort and support of your Newborn.

【Easy to use】

Baby pillow gift for use in Cot, Rocking, Prams, Pushchairs, Strollers. The baby head support is suitable for babies 0-12 months. Correct and adjust the baby's sleeping posture that both moms and babies will love!

【 What You Get 】

1 x Baby pillow


⚡ 100% Organic Cotton Fabric 
⚡ Easy to use
⚡ Ultra-soft and breathable fabric
⚡ Provides optimal neck support

【Specification 】

Product name: Baby memory pillow
Material: Memory sponge, Velvet
Color: Light blue
Size: 25*21*3cm
Application: Baby 0-12 months old

Weight: 5.64oz