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Product Features:

High quality hole saw kit for drilling round holes easily and quickly.
Durable teeth of hole saw ensure a powerful and high efficient action.
Hole saws in various size to meet different needs.
Come with arbors and a little wrench.
Can be widely used for cutting wood, thin metal plate, etc.

Product Specifications:

Quantity: 11pcs/kit
Arbor Length: 4cm / 9cm
Hole Depth: 25mm (Approx)
Type : Hole Saw Drill Bit Kit
Material : Carbon Steel
Cutting depth: 1" - 25 mm
Hole saw sizes: 3/4" - 19mm, 7/8"- 22mm, 1 1/8"-29mm, 1 1/4"- 32mm, 1 1/2"-38mm, 1 1/3"- 44mm, 2"- 51mm, 2 1/2"- 64mm.
Quantity : 11pcs/kit

Package included:

8x Carbon Steel Hole Saw+1x Center drill+1x Hex Key+1x Pilot Drill+1x Package Box


When using, wear protective goggles and gloves.
Not suitable for hard material such as density board, aluminum, stone and computer tables.
After the use of a few anti-rust oil on the surface of the filter to avoid natural oxidation, can improve its service life.
Hole saw are suitable for wood, if you need hole saw set for metal please find a thicker hole saw set.
In order to prevent rusting of the drill bit, oil is required after production, and some products will be stained with oil on the surface, which will not affect the performance of the product. Please rest assured and use it normally.