ABS pressurized Handheld bidet sprayer


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The versatility and targeted cleaning power of the best handheld showerheads is unmatched. A handheld shower allows you to reach all those little nooks and crannies, and cleaning yourself with a handheld shower can be a very pleasant experience. Avoid the weak water pressure and poor spray coverage with our hand shower, which will make your daily living experience 10/10..

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ABS pressurized Handheld bidet sprayer

Multi-purpose Sprayer

A great cleaning bidet sprayer for a whole family. It can be used as cloth diaper washer, feminine hygiene,bathroom toilet cleaning, urinary tract infection cleaning & prevention, handheld bottom cleaner bidet, Muslim shower, Shattaf sprayer and pets shower sprayer etc.

Leak-proof & Durable Protection

High quality ABS material Sprayer holder and stainless steel hose with chrome finished. Designed to withstand high water pressure ensuring longevity. It’s flexible, leak-proof, anti-rust, durability and resistance to oxidation and corrosion.

Easy Faucet Hose Sprayer Solution 

our Handheld Shower set design to easy install by yourself, no plumber required! simply remove your original faucet aerator, and install our faucet water diverter and showerhead, an easy and economic way to update your sweet home faucet.


Material: ABS
Nozzle head size: 17cm/6.69in
Hose length: 1.5m/4.92ft
Applicable caliber: G1/2 (4 points) international caliber
Process: electro-chromium plating
Gun pressure: 0.05- 1.0MPA"


1*Handheld Shower Head+ 1.5 m hose+ fixed bracket