14PCS Jigsaw Blade Assortment Blades


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14PCS Jigsaw Blade Assortment Blades Fits All Jig Saw Cutter Tool Universal Type



The features a tool-less blade change system for fast insertion, while the blade ejection lever eliminates the need to touch a hot blade. The included system is the most secure jigsaw clamping system.


The jigsaw supports settings allowing different blade strokes for smooth to aggressive cuts and varied cutting capacities for wood, aluminum, and steel.


The Jig Saw Blade set offers an assortment of blades to add function and affordability to your jigsaw blade and saw application needs.


Universal Fit For All Makes And Brands Of Power Jig Saws Using Standard 1/4" Width Blade Insertion End.


65MN alloy steel construction blade
14 blade set, 7 sizes
3 types of wood blades: 6 TPI fast cut, 8 TPI medium cut, 10 TPI smooth cut
4 types of metal blades: 14 TPI medium cut, 18 TPI medium cut, 24 TPI fine cut, 32 TPI smooth cut


Two x 6 TPI Blades
Two x 8 TPI Blades
Two x 10 TPI Blades
Two x 14 TPI Blades
Two x 18 TPI Blades
Two x 24 TPI Blades
Two x 32 TPI Blades