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The Memory of Love Drop Shadow Bracelet with 100 Languages to Express I Love You - Accessories Jewelry of Love for Women

⚡ Love Drop Shadow Bracelet⚡


The concise and versatile design stands out with a high-fashion feeling


It vacuum electroplate rose gold to preserved the durable color.

It is made of high-quality titanium steel, with the following advantages: beautiful texture, light, not cumbersome, brightness, and shininess. Using 360" mirror polishing technology makes the necklace is smooth, delicate, comfortable, and skin-friendly. 

【High Technology

There are 100 different languages [I love you] engraved in the bracelet through the micro engraving technology.

【How to See The Words

To use a mobile phone: 1. Open the mobile phone camera software. 2. Put the bracelet micro sculpture convex surface at the phone lens. 3. You can watch the miniature content in the bracelet from the mobile phone screen.

To use a flashlight: 1, Open the flashlight.  2. Put the bracelet micro sculpture convex surface at the flashlight lens. 3. It is suggested to project the light and shadow on the black background wall and you can see the clearer font.


It is a significant, funny, and creative bracelet that can help you express your love.

It is a sign of confidence for women to wear jewelry because gestures can make a woman more and more perfect, and women are willing to wear jewelry to decorate themselves. 

Wearing bracelets and necklaces can capture your personal charm, from the details of wearing bracelets and necklaces to highlight your whole personality and appear more enchanting sex appeal.

【Gift Ideal】

Best gift for mother, girlfriend, wife, daughter, or yourself.

Best gift for any occasion to wear: party, ball, wedding, anniversary, engagement, graduation, birthdays, weddings Christmas, Mother's Day and Thanksgiving, events or any other special occasions.

【Strengths 】

⚡ Women Fashion Jewelry

⚡ Enhance Temperament 

⚡Show feminine charm

⚡Women Silhouette

⚡Accessories jewelry of love

⚡100 languages to express love

⚡High technology

⚡ Best Gift

What You Get

1 x love Drop Shadow Bracelet


Product Name:  Bracelet
Material: Titanium steel 
Type: Bracelet And Necklace For Women
Model: Circular
Package: Individual package 

Colour: Rose gold 
Quantity: 1 set  
Size: Diameter: 5.6cm


This kind of jewelry does not need to use very expensive maintenance water to maintain, as long as to avoid the acid-base and wet environment. Do not wear when you take a bath, wash face and sweat a lot, dry with a dry cloth before storing.

If the imitation jewelry is not worn, it should be put into the jewelry box in time. A desiccant shall be placed in the jewelry box when the jewelry is to be stored.

Always cleaning the jewelry, using a soft brush to brush the surface of the jewelry to remove stains.

The jewelry is easily damaged when contacts the chemicals, such as the scent of the shower gel, the chlorine of the swimming pool, the salt of the sea. So before taking a bath or swimming, you should remove all jewelry.

Don't crash and knock the crystal or put the crystal into hot water.

Often change the jewelry, the same jewelry should avoid wearing for a long time, especially in the summer. It is easy to erode when the necklace contacts sweat for a long time, So it is good to prepare many pieces of jewelry to replace.

*As each item is handmade to order, returns or refunds will not be allowed.