Street Scene Mini-Building Block Collectors Toy for Children


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Building Block - Funny Street Scene Mini- Building Block Collectors Toy for 7 to 14 years old Children -8  Different Styles

Building Block Toy


Building block toys have convex granules on one side and the other side has a hole for embedding convex granules, with a variety of shapes, styles, and different colors.


Mini-Building Block Collectors Toy is made of ABS plastics. It's not harmful to your health.

【8 Different Styles】

Musical Instrument Shop

Quantity: 131 PCS

Size: 3.15"x2.56"x5.51"

Colors: Gray, black, white, red, yellow, green, mahogany, transparent


Quantity: 150 PCS

Size: 2.56"x3.15"x3.54"

Colors: Yellow, red, black, white, green, gray, tawny, transparent


Quantity: 180 PCS

Size: 2.56"x3.15"x5.9"

Colors: Yellow, blue, green, gray, purple, brown, transparent


Quantity: 134 PCS

Size: 2.56"x3.15"x2.75"

Colors: White, red, green, gray, black, brown, transparent

Ice Cream Shop

Quantity: 113 PCS

Size: 2.56"x3.15"x3.74"

Colors: White, red, purple, gray, black, brown, transparent


Quantity: 132 PCS

Size: 2.56"x3.15"x4.33"

Colors: White, red, green, gray, transparent

Coffee Shop

Quantity: 116 PCS

Size: 3.15"x2.56"x4.53"

Colors: Pale yellow, black, white, blue, mahogany, transparent

Leather Shop

Quantity: 109 PCS

Size: 2.56"x3.15"x3.54"

Colors: Gray, black, white, blue, transparent

Function & Significance

1. Let the children enjoy the toys.

2. Developing children's observing ability, communicative ability, attentiveness,  imagination, and creativity.

3. Developing children's hand-eye coordination.

4. The process of building blocks can be completely controlled by the child, which brings satisfaction and confidence to the children.

5. Recognize the different shapes, sizes, and lengths of geometric building blocks. Children can distinguish geometric shapes, such as cuboids, cubes, cylinders, and so on.

【 What You Get】

1 × Street Scene Mini-Building Block Collectors Toy

1 × User manual

【 Strengths 】

⚡ 8 Different Styles

⚡ Developing children's skill

⚡ Funny & Interesting, Easy to play

⚡ Home decoration

⚡ Best gift

【Specification 】

Product name: Street Scene Mini-Building Block Toy

Size of box: 9.25"x6.1"x1.69"

Material: ABS + Plastics


1. The Toy is for 7 to 14 years old children or adults, don't let the children under 7 years old play alone.

2. To prevent children from eating toys by accident.

3. To prevent from losing, because the scattered building block is small. 

🎥The Video of the product

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