EBL Rechargeable C Battery 4000mAh 2 Pack


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Rechargeable C Battery High-Performance Ni-Cd Battery 4000mAh Pack of 2

C Cell Size Batteries⚡

【Perfectly Matched Equipment】

Perfect for LED candles, flashlights,s, etc. replace all alkaline disposable batteries that power your portable CD and MP3 players, digital camera, children's s toys, and others.

【Safe And Reliable】

The gasket protects the battery from smooth edges and does not scratch the battery surface. The precise design also ensures that the battery does not appear outside the gasket.

【Economical Environmental Protection】

Save hundreds of C-type batteries in landfills, saving your money and time while protecting the environment.1200 times cycle use after full charge, no more repeat purchase disposable alkaline batteries.

【Easy To Use】

Simply and easily provide a "C size body" for AA batteries, Put the battery in it to be used with any C size battery.


Battery Size: C Batteries
Manufacturer: EBL
Weight: 5.08oz
Voltage: 1.2V
Battery Technology: Ni-Cd
Dimensions:  Height: 50±0.6mm Diameter: 25.5±0.6mm
Pack Size: 2
Product Type: Batteries
Rechargeable Y/N: Yes


2 PCS C Cell Size Batteries

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