10 pcs cabinet door magnets


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We've all had a cabinet door that wouldn't close. Maybe the hinges are at an angle, or the cabinet itself is not level. Whatever the reason, there's always the danger of the door hitting your head or knee when you're walking around.

Now there's a fix for this problem: cabinet door magnets. Thus, even if you hastily decide to mount the cabinets on the ceiling, the doors are unlikely to open on their own.

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10 Pcs Cabinet Door Magnets/Catch Closures Kitchen Cabinet Cupboard

✈Product description

Cabinet door magnets designis small and well-made, so it is ideal for gaps between the opening and closing of various doors or drawers, without unusual bumps.
Installed on the cabinet. It can withstand high impact force and absorb with the main body of door suction to achieve a good sealing effect.
High magnets to hold cabinet door, furniture door, pantry door, french doors, and closet door.
The magnetic door catch is mainly used for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, cupboard, wardrobe, closet closures, cabinet door, shutters, and so on.


High quality materials, durable and corrosion resistance.
Secure your cupboards, bookcases, and cabinets safely.
The surface through special craft processing, smooth and soft.
Easy setting with screws. (Screws are EXCLUDING)
Up to 6KG Pull Strength.


Size: 4.5*1.5cm/1.77*0.59in
Color: White
Material: Plastic+Iron

✈Package Includes

10 x cabinet door magnets