GPS Satellite Signal Cigarette Lighter Jammers For Car


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GPS satellite signal blocker

Applicable places

1.The vehicle has been installed GPS positioning
2.Need to prevent personal tracking of the place

Product Features

1.Effectively jamming GPS satellite signals, protect your location privacy and personal information

2.effective shielding distance of 1-15 meters
3. easy to carry, small size, lightweight, easy to use.
4. low power consumption, harmless to the human body, environmental protection.
5.effective prevention of GPS satellite positioning tracking, to protect the privacy of your whereabouts and confidential information.
6. Small size, high power, lightweight, wide-coverage, easy to carry.
7.effective prevention of car/cell phone GPS satellite positioning system positioning, tracking.

Characteristic parameters

The operating frequency bandwidth: 20 MHz
Frequency range: 1560-1580MHz
The operating voltage: 12V-24V
Jammed Area: 1-5 meters radius
Size: 95 x26x25 mm
The charging specification: 4.5 V input 110 V - 240 - V output with car charger
Working temperature: - 30 ~ 50 ℃
Relative humidity: 5 ~ 95%
Storage temperature: - 50 ~ + 60 ℃

Instructions for Use

1. Remove the GPS unit and install the antenna.
2. Plug into the corresponding cigarette lighter port of the car.
3. When the unit is powered on, the indicator light is on and the unit is working normally.
4 After use, please remove the charger directly.