3-Layer Car Mesh Organizer


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The Car Mesh Organizer can be a special barrier that prevents naughty kids or pets in the back seat from disturbing your daily drives. Keeps your purse or handbag within reach without taking your eyes off the road. Greatly reducing distracted driving situations.

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3-Layer Car Mesh Organizer, Seat Back Net Bag, Barrier of Backseat Pet Kids, Driver Storage Netting Pouch

Innovative Design Purpose:

Store a lot of things, dedicated location for ladies' bags, barrier for pets and children in the back seat.

The Size of This Pet Barrier is Large Enough:

Height 11.8 in, Width 9.8 in, it can completely cover the gap between the front 2 seats, and let us put more things in.

Installation of This Handbag Holder is Very Simple:

At the top, just buckle the headrest column, at the bottom, just hook the hard edge of any object under the seat, and in the middle, fix it to the armrest box with the rope on.

Adjustable length:

The length of the 2 Straps Above is Adjustable, and the Nylon Material is not Elastic.
Suitable for different types of cars, and prevents the overall sagging due to the weight of the mesh bag.


1. Place drinks or umbrellas, filled with heavy drinks is no problem at all.
2. Put the tissue box, not only save space but take also is more convenient, can be used for a single seat.
3. Front seat use, place the back row of children to interfere with driving.
4. Special storage mesh pocket between the seats, double-layer design, expand the space in the car strong pull.

Product Specification

Material: Oxford cloth + high quality mesh
Quantity: 1pc
Product size: 11.8 x 9.8 inches / 30 x 25cm
Weight: 130g
Suitable for models: universal

Package includes

1*Car Mesh Organizer