6 Pcs Car Ornaments Spring Bobble Head Toys


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This Emoji Doll Toy is designed with all kinds of expressions and shake heads function, When driving on the way, the emoji doll's head will be shaken, it looks like he is nodding or shaking his head, so funny, No longer feel lonely and bored, It is a great driving companion.

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Car Ornaments Spring Bobble Head Toys, Bobble Head Toys Suit


It can enjoy your happiness and surprise together with you, and can also help you to bear your sadness.


This set includes 6 different cute expressions, Made of advanced environmentally friendly ABS, Non-toxic, Will not be deformed. The Dolls With adhesive stickers on the sole, Make the emoji doll standing in your car/table tightly.


Best gift for your family and friends. It's suitable for Car dashboard, bedroom, home, office desk and other occasions, When your child's writing industry is tired, it can bring your child with relaxing and happy.

Product specification

Quantity:1 box/6pcs
Size: 1.97*1.18 inches
Features: Carefully selected materials, a variety of cartoon shapes; mainstream shape design, not easy to lose paint, double-sided adhesive bottom, clean and tidy.

Package contains

6*Spring Bobble Head Toys