Car Paintless Dent Puller


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Car Paintless Dent Puller Tabs Bridge Lifter Body Repair Hail Removal Tool Kit


This Dent Puller Item does not include glue guns and glue sticks; we suggest users purchase a hot melt glue gun and hot melt glue sticks to work with it. Also, it is effective on thin metal surfaces and is not suitable for metal surfaces exceeding 1mm.

Physics Design:

Using the principle of leverage to design the dent puller is ergonomic, the dent bridge puller with a unique arched bridge can adjust the spacing and rotate the button to better fit the dents, the efficiency, and labor.

Widely Used:

Suitable for any auto dents, repair door dings and hail damage, and other dents. Efficient action on an automobile, refrigerator, washing machine, and other metal surface dents.

Package information:

1pc Double pole bridge dent puller, 5pcs Black puller tab, 5pcs Blue dent puller tab, 2pcs Glue shovels (Note: not glue gun and glue include).

How To Use

(Suit for dent and ding and home DIY repair)
Step 1. Clean dent surface.
Step 2. Put the glue sticks to the gun and heat, connect the power source and preheat for 5-10 minutes.
Step 3. According to the dent size choose the Glue Puller Tab, then put the heated glue on the puller tab, immediately place the puller tab in the center of the dent and hold on until it sticks.
Step 4. Let the glue cool for about 5-8 minutes. The cooling time should be less than 10 minutes and should be shorter slightly in winter.
Step 5. After the glue cooling, use a golden dent lifter or bridge puller to align and press the puller to pull up the dent. Repeat the above steps until the dent disappears.
Step 6. After finishing the dent, use the alcohol or hot water to clean the glue on the car and the puller tabs.

Product Specification

Type Auto Body Repair Tool Kit
Material Metal and Plastic
Color Black, Blue
Package Weight 364g

Package Included

1pc Double Pole Bridge Dent Puller
5pcs Black Puller Tab
5pcs Blue Dent Puller Tab
2pcs Glue Shovels