Car Paint-Free Dent Repair Puller Tool


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24Pcs Car Paintless Dent Repair Removal Slide Hammer T-Bar Glue Puller Tabs Tool

⚡Car Paint-Free Dent Repair Puller Tool⚡

Quickly Repair Dents

A set of 24 pull rings and 1 slide hammer T-shaped bar to repair the dents of the metal panel. The sliding hammer is more powerful for repairing unpainted dents and can overcome larger dents. Different pull tabs can be used in different sizes, the dents are easy to handle and can be quickly repaired.

Hot glue Volume

By pulling the trigger of the glue gun, apply the hot glue to the dent pull ring until the glue about the size of a dime is released. For smaller labels, please use "pea" size glue; for larger labels, please use a dime or a slightly larger coin.

Indentation Lifter

Slide the indentation lifter device directly onto the shaft of the indentation pull ring until the concave adapter in the center of the indentation lifter slides on the shaft of the pressure ring. Adjust the height knob accordingly,

Horizontal State

Slowly squeeze the handle recessed into the lifting plate several times until the desired result is obtained. As the damage decreases, please reduce the size of the dent label until the dent becomes uniform. The T-shaped puller can be used for larger dents or to remove the last 10-20% of dents.


Material: metal, plastic
Quantity combination: 24 sets
Product name: Car paint-free dent repair toolset

Products Include

1x pit lifter
1x squeegee
1x plastic bottle
20x glue pull tab
1x 2 in 1 dent removal T-shaped tool