Car Window Cleaning Brush


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 Window Windshield Cleaning Tool Microfiber Cloth Car Cleanser Brush with Detachable Handle Auto Inside Glass Wiper Interior Accessories Car Cleaning Kit

⚡Car Window Cleaning Brush⚡

The car windshield cleaner has a detachable handle, which can be disassembled in half and stored with 2 washing machine towels and a 30 ml spray bottle.

【Clean Car Windshield Quickly】

Clean the inner and outer surfaces of the glass window without pulling force. Never hurt your back again. With the help of the extra-long extension handle and rotating head, you can easily reach those hard-to-reach window glass bases. Can remove more dust and dirt, easy to clean

【Apply To】

As a defogging and dehumidifying tool, the effect is very good. Using the cleaning brush in the car, it is difficult to touch the windows of the house, TV, glass screen, glass mirror, and even the floor. Suitable for all sizes of cars, trucks, SUVs and RVs

【Excellent Design of Car Window Cleaner】

The ergonomic long handle can easily extend to the bottom of hard-to-reach windows to make the surface clean and even. The washable microfiber pad removes more dust and dirt and is easy to clean.

【Special Note】

1. Indoor windshield cleaning: wipe it with a dry pad or spray a small amount of water on the pad to wipe it clean. Do not let the surface get wet, otherwise stains will appear.
2. External windshield dust collector: dry use.
3. Remove mist: just wipe the glass without adding water or liquid chemicals
4. Stubborn stains on the glass: you can spray a little glass cleaner to wipe
5. No need for chemicals or soap to clean semi-wet surfaces.


Product name: car glass wiper
Material: ABS, superfine fiber
Packing quantity: 60pcs
Packing size: 22.83 * 11.02 * 23.62inch

【Package Includes】

1 *Removable handle
2 *Microfiber car cleaning cloth cover
1 * spray bottle