Car Windshield Block Cover Protector


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Car Windshield Block Cover Protector Front Window Sun Shade Visor Folding Auto

Car Windshield Block Cover Protector⚡

【UV And Sun Protection】

A powerful UV ray deflector, car sunshade to keep your vehicle cool. No more cracking or fading just all around solid protection, so you can maintain the integrity of your interior for years to come.

【Temperature Adjustment】

Reflective fabric works to shield you from the sun and reflects sunshine back to keep your interior cool and comfortable when you step back into your car.

【Easy To Set Up】

Simply place against the windshield with the silver side facing out and secure in place by folding down the sun visors.

【Easy To Store】

Pop-up and Lightweight visors snap and fold into a sleek pouch for convenience, portability, and easy storage.


Material:polyamide nylon


1Pc car snow cover