Car Windshield Repair Kit


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Car Windshield Repair Kit Automotive Glass Nano Crack Repair Fluid Windshield

⚡Car Windshield Repair Kit⚡

【Easy To Use】

First, clean and dry the dirt on the glass surface, inject glass repair solution into the cracked area, then take out the cured film and lay it flat on the cracked area to move back and forth to keep the glue smooth at the cracked area. Use ultraviolet or solar heating to dry the repaired glue. After solidification, the cured film is removed; finally, the remaining resin is scraped off with the provided blade.

【Safe and Widely Used】

The material of this repair resin is safe and does not contain chemical toxic substances. It is suitable for repairing all types of scratches and cracks on automotive glass, such as cobwebs cracks, bulls-eye cracks, star cracks, long line cracks, scratches, etc.

【Good Repair Effect】

This automotive glass nano repair fluid kit has good penetration ability, can quickly and easily repair small cracks and chips. This kit is designed to provide vehicle owners with the necessary information and tools to repair small damages in laminated automotive glass windshields.

【Long Maintenance Effect Duration】

It can solidify quickly, and the duration of the effect after curing is long, can withstand severe winter or hot summer.


Size: 10.3cm(Length) ,5cm( Diameter )
Weight: 28g
Material: Plastic & Rubber


1 x Windshield Repair Injector
1 x Repair Resin
3 x Adhesive Seal
1 x Pedestal
5 x Repair Film
1 x Razor Blade
3 x Rubber Ring
1 x Non-woven fabric (Random Color)
1 x Push Pin
1 x Instruction Manual