10 pcs Carrot Food Sealing Clips


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If you like to snack as much as we do (and who doesn't?), then you'll end up with a variety of open grocery bags. If you want to keep your food from drying out and spoiling, you can use this carrot sealing clip from us. Cute and practical stuff you'll like when you meet.

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Carrot Food Sealing Clips, Plastic Sealing Clips, Food Clips Bag Sealing Clips with Refrigerator Magnet Holder Box

🥕Package Including

Come with 10 carrot shape sealing clips, they are made of food-grade PP, which are perfect for different kinds of plastic bags, such as chips, bread, frozen foods, or other foods bag, keeping foods airtight and watertight from being stale.

🥕Cute Shape And Right Size

Sealing clips in 4.5" with cute carrot shape suitable for sealing various food bags, such as bread, potato chips, coffee, grains, and frozen foods.

🥕Super Convenient Kitchen Use

No need to roll up the bag opening, just clip the bag opening and lock the buckle. It is easy to open and close, and easy to store, just don't mix them with real carrots otherwise you can't find them!

🥕Stay Fresh

Most of the time, we cannot finish snakes in a day, so those clips are the handiest kitchen gadgets for you to keeps different foods fresher longer and contained in the pantry, fridge, or freezer, they can be used safely in refrigerators and dishwashers, sturdy and reusable.

🥕A Great Gift

The gadgets can achieve purposes beyond three areas. It is the best gift for mothers, children, wives, grandparents, and friends!

Product specification

Material: pp
Quantity: 1 box / 5pcs
Size: 4.49*0.94 inch
Features: the use of magnet base for easy storage; sealed not easy to loosen not easy to deformation

Package includes

10*Carrot Food Sealing Clip
2*Storage box