Golf Cart Digital Voltmeter


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Cart Digital Volt Meter

【Real Time Voltage Reading】

digital voltage meter could give a real-time voltage reading of your batteries.

【Wide Voltage Range】

There is no need to worry about high voltage will be burned, or low voltage Normal measurement.

【High Quality, Water-Proof and Shock-Proof】

This voltmeter uses a fully enclosed enclosure, a potted and fully waterproof design. Long-term immersion in water can still work normally without damage, and it is more resistant to moisture, oil, and vibration.

【Super simple connection】

-Direct connection:
Connect + on voltmeter to + on battery and - to -.
-Key switch connection:
Connect + to switch, switch to battery +, and - to -.


Device Type: Digital Voltmeter
Function:Display voltage
Material: Plastic
Display color: Blue
Voltage Range: Up to 30V
Dimension:1.6*1*0.91inch (40*25*23mm)
Fitment: For Golf cart
Color: Black

Package Includes

1* Digital Voltmeter
1* User Manual