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This is a multi-functional cat toy, a funny cat teaser. This toy can be shaken back and forth by a nudge from the cat. The bottom of the toy is designed with a weight, so the toy will not fall. When the weight moves back and forth, the two balance wheels will also move back and forth to attract more interest of the cat.

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Balancing Car Cat Toy Ball Built-in High-content Catnip Ball

😸[Multifunctional Cat Toy]

The cat spinning toy built-in a high content catnip ball, and there is an interactive ball on the top, which attract the cat's attention better, increase the cat's interest in playing, improve the cat's pleasure, Cat will interact with the toy by himself, or play the toy with the owner.

😸[Upgrade Version]

After a lot of tests, it is shown that cats like this toy very much, Cat can free rock the toy back and forth freely by a nudge with this interesting cat toy, which can bring a lot of fun to a cat can relieve cats’ anxiety when unaccompanied at home and improve their IQ.

😸[Cats' Best Companion]

When the owner is not at home, the ball toy can bring a lot of fun to the cat, improving the cats’ IQ and reducing their anxiety.


This motion cat toy is made of environmental-friendly ABS material, which is sturdy and durable. The bottom of this cat chase toy is designed with a weight, so that the toy will not fall over, in the process of the weights swinging back and forth, the toy will move on its own, thereby attracting the cat's interest