Child Door Knob Safety Cover


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Child Door Knob Safety Cover Proof Safe Children Lock Guard Kids Toddler 4 Pack

⚡Door Knob Safety Cover

【Superior Quality】

Our child proof door knob covers are made of ABS, odorless, non-toxic, and harmless to kids. The premium material makes it sturdy enough to be unbreakable. Effectively prevent kids or elderly with dementia from opening or locking the door.

【Adults Can Open With One Hand But Kids Can't】

You can easily open the door by grasping the doorknob through the small holes on both sides of the doorknob cover, and when your kid tries to grasp the doorknob, it will rotate, making it difficult for them to grasp the doorknob and open the door.


The size of our baby proof door knob cover is 2.24*2.36in, suitable for most standard spherical doorknobs.

【Easy To Install And Remove】

Install and remove without any tools, no damage to the door. Place the two doorknob covers amid the doorknob and close them, and then it is installed. Press and hold the two points of the doorknob cover at the same time to remove.

Package Included

4 x Children Safety Lock Door Knob Cover

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