Mini Cloud Anion Air Purifier


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Mini Cloud Anion Air Purifier - Air Cleaner to Removal of Formaldehyde And Impurity- Portable Sterilization Equipment  Can Be carried everywhere 

 ⚡Neck Air Purifier


It designs as a cute cloud modeling to catch your girlish heart, and with a drawstring that is portable to carry everywhere.  

Fashionable and lovely modeling which is not only as a purifier but still can be a decoration. 


The anions are known as the vitamins of the air, Millions of anions care for your respiratory health after using this air purifier.

How does the anion generator work:

1. The anion generator can capture particulate matter in the air,
2. Then, the generator decomposes viruses, bacteria, PM2.5, particles, and turn them into carbon dioxide and water.
3. Finally, it releases anion in the air.

【Remove the impurity

To remove and degrade the formaldehyde, the pollutant after decorating houses, PM2.5, pollen, bacteria, formaldehyde, peculiar smell, dust, smog, small particles,  nicotine, harmful gas, especially in the decorating houses and a car.

【Low noise】

The running decibel is not higher than 18dB that you can enjoy your time without any noise.


It looks like an invisible mask. Effectively improve nasal congestion, itching, and other symptoms.

After using the air purifier, you can enjoy comfortable and fresh air when breathing, just like the deeply purified air in the mountain or nature. Effectively resist and purify air pollution around you and keep you in a healthy state.

This is especially important for newborn babies, pregnant women, and the elderly.

【 What You Get】

1 × Air Purifier
1 x User Manual
1 x USB Cable

【 Strengths 】

⚡ Small and portable 
⚡ A cute cloud modeling
⚡ Long service time
⚡ Purify air
⚡ Running in a low voice
⚡ Keep you in a healthy state
⚡ Best gift

【Specification 】

Product name:  Mini Cloud Anion Air Purifier
Material: ABS
Weight: 107.4 g
Capacity: 480mAh
voltage: 5V
Input voltage: DC 5V
Air volume: 50 cubic meters per hour
USB cable length:17.5 inch
Drawstring length: 15.3 inch
Color: White and pink
Size: 2.2*1.6*0.8 inch
The purification range: Under 10 ㎡

【 Announcements 】

1. Please don't use this product if you are a patient with respiratory or heart disease.
2. Please don't touch the black anion emitter when using the products. Be careful of electrostatic injury.
3. When using the product, if any abnormal situation occurs, please stop using it immediately. 
4. This product is an electronic product, it does not have the waterproof function, do not soak in the water. 
5. Please don't disassemble, refit, or modify the product. 
6. Please don't turn it on when charging the product.
7. Please don't clean this product when the product is using. If it needs to clean, please wipe it with a dry cloth. 

🎥The Video of the product