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Cartoon Mouse Automatic Save Money Piggy Bank ATM Machine Password Money Box Saving Box

How to use

The initial password is "0000", enter the correct password, and then press the fingerprint position, the piggy bank door will automatically open.
Change Password
The password can be changed only when the piggy bank door is open.
Press the "*" key to enter the password setting mode.
Enter the 4-digit new password and press the "#" key to confirm the new password.
In this way, the password is set.
Play music
"#" key and "*" key are both music playing keys, switch at will
When the battery power is too low, the password you set will be restored to the initial password and cannot be opened. Please replace the battery in time.

Product Specifications

Material: plastic
Shape: BOX
Piggy Bank: ATM Machine Password
Money Box: Saving Box For Coin
Material: plastic/ABS
Batteries: 3 AA batteries (not included, need to be purchased by yourself)