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6 Pcs Magic Popcorn Pen Puffy 3D Art


Create puffy 3D art projects filled with texture with the popcorn pen!
Magic Puffy Effect: Heat up the paint with a blowdryer and it pops up like real popcorn!
Unique 3D Art Projects: Great for art projects, customizing greeting cards, birthday cards and coloring books.
Fun: Create an endless design and watch it transform with heat.
Wide Application: Can be used on paper, glass, plastic and other surfaces.
Safe: No harmful chemicals, safe for children.


Material: Special materials
Size: 3.9 x 1.18 x 1.18 inches

Method of use:

Preparation Tools: popcorn pen, paper, hot hair or microwave oven
Step1: Paint anything as you like on the paper
Step2: Heat the painting with a Hairdryer for at least 2 minutes. Or put the painting into the microwave over for heating for about 2-3 minutes, Can not wait for blow dries
Step3: Take his DIY work, share it with your friends!

Package Includes:

6x Popcorn Drawing Pens