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Pet Dog Bathrobe Dog Pajamas Sleeping Clothes Soft Pet Bath Drying Towel Clothes

Product Description:

Item Type: Pet Bathrobe
Material: Cotton
Color: White
Feature: Durable
Target Audience: Dogs
Size: XS/S/M/L/XL


1. This pet bathrobe is made of high-quality microfiber towel cloth with exquisite craft, which is comfortable and durable.
2. It shows better water absorption and helps pets absorb water quickly after bathing.
3. Coming with an adjustable neck button and the elastic ring to ensure to fit your pet well.
4. The waistband tightening depends on the width of your pet to ensure effective absorption of water.
5. It can be used as pajamas to keep warm and help them get away from the cold.

Package Include:

1 x pet bathrobe

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