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Pet Hair Remover

The Pet Hair Remover is a safe, reusable, and effective pet hair remover that goes into your washer/dryer and gently removes pet hair from your clothing, Just place the FurZapper into your clothes washer during your regular washing cycles, and it goes to work gently adhering to, and separating pet fur or pet hair from your clothing. While effective in the washer, it works fantastic in the clothes dryer along with your freshly washed laundry, often filling up your lint trap faster than ever.


Removes Pet Hair From Clothes and Laundry While You Wash.

TWO-PACK - Ideal for up to 2 Pets- Use both in Washer and Dryer
Prevents Re-Washing Of Your Laundry- Saves on Detergent, Water, and Time
Re-Usable, Hypoallergenic, Safe for Kid's Clothing, Self-Cleaning.

Type: Dogs
Product: Pull off pet's hair
Applications: a simple solution to the hairy problem