5 Inch Contour Gauge Duplicator


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5" Profile Gauge Contour Copy Duplicator Circular Frame Tool Instant Template

Product Details

Size: 5 inches
Material: ABS Plastic
Accuracy: 1mm
Scope: 0-120mm

Feature of product

Built with ABS plastic, the profile gauge is of high quality and durability.
It has a portable size which makes it pretty easy to carry around.
Operating is easy and convenient since the tooth could be easily out and back.
This would be a great helper for any works that need a profile gauge.

Unique design

The clear scales allow you to mark the size readily. The exquisite plastic material sticks on the articles fully which makes the profile gauge easy to get the shape.
Great helper for a range of works. The profile gauge is suitable for woodworking, stainless steel, auto body, auto metal sheet, or any contour duplication work.

Package Content
1x Profile Gauge

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