Electric Heated Insoles - Remote Control
Electric Heated Insoles - Remote Control
Electric Heated Insoles - Remote Control
Electric Heated Insoles - Remote Control
Electric Heated Insoles - Remote Control
Electric Heated Insoles - Remote Control

【EDM】Electric Heated Insoles - Remote Control


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A heated pair of insoles which provide long-lasting warmth inside your boots to combat the long hours of cold outside. Keep your toes safe and comfortable in harsh weather conditions, what are you waiting for!


Electric Heated Insoles with Wireless Remote Control Rechargeable Heating Boot Insoles Shoes Pad Foot Warmer Winter

👣【Rechargeable Heated Insoles】

Each insole comes equipped with a powerful rechargeable super slim 3.7V, 1800mAh Lithium-ion battery, can be charged via AC adapter, more portable.

👣【Remote Control】

Activate the heat with a convenient wireless remote-control key fob. Choose between 3 powerful thermal heater settings that instantly radiate heat to perfectly warm your feet.

👣【Three Heating Levels】

It has three heat levels, you can choose the most comfortable warmth needed. From (H) High, (M) Medium, and to (L) Low. Convenient to use since this foot warmer had a remote control.

👣【Comfortable Temperature】

Our insoles are made of high-efficiency carbon fiber heating material. High capacity batteries offer 5-6 continuous hours of runtime with fully rechargeable Batteries. Warming time is varied in different environments.

👣【Humanized Design】

These insoles can be bent by 180 degrees. It is washable and reusable. And you can wash it via brush. (Not for machine washing).

👣【One Size Fit All】

You can cut the insoles into your own size according you need. The shoe size range is given on the insoles for your DIY convenience.

👣【Adjustable Heated Insoles】

It will equip you with these adjustable 9.05" insoles that will keep you warm on the coldest weather and winter seasons. Perfect for outdoor sports or adventure, commuting, or outdoor work.

👣【Power and Teamperature】

Its feet warmers for men and women come with an adapter and cord. With its temperature ranging from 102.2°F-143.4°F and power lasting from 3 - 6.5 hrs

👣Instructions for use:

- Connect the cord and charger to the insole.
- The battery is fully charged before use, the charger is lit red indicating charging, when fully charged, the lights turn green.
- And then according to their own needs through the smart remote control buttons to adjust the temperature.


Gender: Men/Women
Type: Insoles
Upper Material: Composite Carbon Fiber
Rated Voltage: 4.2V
Universally Used Charger: 100V-230V
Charging Time: 3.5-5h
Battery Voltage: 3.7V, Battery Capacity: 1800mAh
Working Voltage: 3.0V-4.2V
Battery Lifespan: 500+ charges
Charging Conditions: Constant current & constant voltage (CC/CV)
Charging temperature: 0℃-45℃
* The insole can withstand 200KG maximum pressure. But try to AVOID strenuous exercises like jumping, running.
* The battery can be charged and discharged for 500 cycles. If long time no use, better charge it once every 3 months.
Color: Red / Black
Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Suitable Code Number: S (Wowen 5-7.5) / L (Men 8-12)

👣【Package Contents】

1 Pair of Heated Insole (Without Box) 
1x Remote control
1x USB power cord ( US Plug )


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