Corn-Shaped Dog Chew Toys


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Corn-Shaped Dog Chew Toys, Interactive Tough Rubber Dog Toothbrush Stick for Teething,  Training, Teeth Cleaning, And Pull Game

⚡Dog Chew Toys⚡

High Quality

Made from natural and eco-friendly materials, this rubber chew toy is safe and durable and is chew-resistant and gentle on your dog's gums. Stronger and more durable than other similar dogs chew toys.

Improves Dental Hygiene 

Serrated molars protrude all around, and vertical and horizontal tooth removal channels completely remove tartar and bad breath from your dog's teeth. Squeeze toothpaste into the toothbrush channels on the sides or bottom of the toothbrush, this dog chew toy purifies and massages the dog's gums as the teeth enter the molar channels.


Our dog leash toys can effectively help with chewing, separation anxiety, teething, boredom, weight management, crate training, digging, barking, and more! Meet the instinctive needs of your dog's physical and mental development! It can help your dog release stress and relieve boredom.

Effective and easy to clean 

The corn-shaped dental chew toy covering bristles in different directions for comprehensive dental care.

Interactive Rope Toys

Rope toys are a favorite toy for most dogs because they love to play interactive games with their owners. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor activities such as tug of war, throwing, and fetch games that can positively enhance the relationship between you and your dog.

What You Get 

1 x Corn-Shaped Dog Chew Toys


⚡ High quality and eco-friendly

⚡ Corn-Shaped can clean the teeth from all sides.

⚡ Suitable for training and cleaning your dog's teeth.

⚡ Can play the interactive games between you and your dog.


Material: TPR+ cotton rope (cotton rope can be removed)

Color: Yellow

Product weight: 218.7g

Size: 4.37*2.2*2.2 inch

Dog: suitable for large, medium, and small dogs

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